As the University of Chicago’s traveling Model United Nations (MUN) Team, we represent the competitive face of the University’s proud MUN tradition (for a description of MUN, see F.A.Q.). Each year, as a team we compete at anywhere from 4-6 conferences around the globe, and always distinguish ourselves as one of the premier teams on the circuit (see Results). There is no “permanent” Team; applicatons will be made available for each conference, and our solemn promise is that, barring any logistical difficulties, everyone who wants to join Team and attend a conference will at some point have the chance to do so. Team sizes vary depending on the conference, and we’ll send anywhere from 8 – 32 delegates to a conference. The quality of our Team rests both on the shoulders of our experienced, returning delegates, and on the enthusiasm and energy of new members (both incoming first year students and other members of the University community). For more information, see Joining Team

Team, however, is more than just a competitive team; although new delegates come for MUN, they stay for the warmness, friendliness, and fun that is the core of Team. Outside of conferences, every member of Team participates in hosting our college conference, ChoMUN. Newer members of Team also have a chance to be part of our MUNtorship program, which pairs them up with more experienced members of Team to help introduce them to the fast-paced world of MUN. But outside MUN, Team has nearly constant non-MUN-related events. This past year, this included everything from parties, movie nights, poker nights, Bollywood screenings, dinners, an MUN formal, and shows.